View from Oban Bothy

View from Oban Bothy

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Hashing around Mobberley, Tuesday 11th April 2017

A 6 mile run from the Frozen Mop, Mobberley

My little legses had successfully got over the shock of the previous weekend so a little trot was in order. Apart from anything else I hadn’t been out for two days and that really is quite enough rest for a chap.

I decided on a little cross-country run with the fine ladies and gentlemen of the Cheshire Hash House Harriers, it’s Tuesday and they always run on a Tuesday and always at 7.45pm. Except sometimes.

Anyroadup, at 7.45pm Rob, who planned the route, gave his victims the runners a quick talk before we all set off into the unknown.



Rob, in charge, telling everyone like it is

Off went jolly-well went, charging around the countryside, scaring the living daylights out of the gentlefolk of Mobberley and the cows in the fields as we searched in vain for the route we were supposed to take.


Looking for the route…and no, NOT stopping for a wee



Pleasantly surprised to see that the Roebuck in Mobberley has re-opened after many years of closure. Time will tell though, it’s the Mobberley 8 on Friday – will the pub be able to cope?


Not a brilliant photograph of moonrise over Mobberley. Photo was taken on my Samsung S5 phone. A proper camera would be better.


Our start & finish, the Frozen Mop. I’ll be back there on Friday – on my bicycle.

Where we went, anti-clockwise:

Hash 170411 Frozen Mop

6 miles and fairly flat.

We were out for 1hr 16mins, which considering we were having to route-find in failing light wasn’t too bad.

I didn’t stop for beer or chips, I’ve an early morning appointment with a chainsaw.

It was a nice route, mostly off-road, and most of the ground was quite dry. There were some quite long stretches in between checks – but that’s to be expected when Rob plans a route, he likes that sort of thing!

Thanks again to CH3 for making me feel so welcome – I WILL stop for beer next time!


  1. Fantabulous stuff JJ. Not stopping for a beer, now that is worrying, hope you are not ill!!

    1. Not ill, just an early start in the morning.....tree chopping!


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