View from Oban Bothy

View from Oban Bothy

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Test post with photographs…maybe

This is a test to check out a method of posting photographs using OLW.
I’ve not been blogging recently, simply because of the amount of faffing needed to post with photographs – the apparent result of a spat between Google and the Open Live Writer team.

The situation is further complicated by the uncertainty of successful posting even without photographs, plus the total unhelpfulness (if that’s a real word) of the Google Blogger team – who declare that they’re working to improve the Blogger experience.

Yeah, whatever.

Last weekend’s ex-OMers meet:


  1. Ooh-er, it works.

  2. Interesting. I tried a test posting, and didn't get the familiar "can't do" message, but the posting hasn't appeared yet...
    How did you crack the problem, or has OLW just started to work again?

    1. Here you go:

      STEP ONE
      Load your pictures onto your computer, edit the photos as needed, store in a folder on your computer of your choice.

      STEP TWO
      Load the pictures into the Open Live Writer Album folder in Google Pictures.
      This is easy to do by just moving them from the folder on your computer into the browser you are viewing your Open Live Writer Album with. Be sure that the Open Live Writer Album is shared to all.

      When you are ready to put a picture into “Open Live Writer”, and you have followed steps one and two above for that picture, all you have to do now is to click on that picture in Google Pictures: right click on the picture, it opens a window and “Copy Image. Once copied, go back to “Open Live Writer” and paste it where needed.

      Complete your blog, now it is ready to post to blogger


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