View from Oban Bothy

View from Oban Bothy

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Another Open Live Writer update

…and this one works at the moment.

The ongoing Google / Blogger / Open Live Writer palaver has put many bloggers off posting of late – and that includes me.

A not-very-well publicised (and not entirely straight-forward installation process) OLW update seems to work – for now.

To update:

R Click on the existing OLW icon, select ‘Properties’

Click ‘Open File Location’ to open an Explore folder/

Rename ‘Update’ or ‘Update.exe’ to ‘OldUpdate’…keeping ‘.exe’ if present.

Go to and download the latest OLW.

To post photographs it is essential to first save them in Google Photos and then cope and paste from there.

That all works for me on Win7 using Firefox.

Once again, many thanks to Dave Burdick who has come up with this solution. 


This worked for a while today.

Photos were posted into my blog and the were successfully published.

A few hours later all the photographs had disappeared……and now they’ve come back again.

Is this Google deciding that they don’t want anyone to post photographs unless they use their ghastly Blogger?

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  1. Interesting trip, JJ. A good read. Re OLW, my experiments some time ago came up with something similar, but I don't use Google Photos, so there's another learning curve if I'm to get OLW to work. Meanwhile, I'm just about managing with uploading photos direct to Blogger, where I need to re-size them using HTML, but as long as I load the pictures before any text, I seem to be able to get Blogger to work without wasting too many hours wrestling with its random approach to formatting...
    Coffee here is available this week if you promise not to spread germs!


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