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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A Curry Walk…..sans curry, Monday 13th Feb 2017

Blame Ursula, it was her idea….nowt to do with me, I just wanted to go for a walk.

At 10.15am we gathered at Timperley Met station, the Plan being to march into Manchester in order to enjoy a good lunch in fine company. The Plan worked well, helped along the way by beautiful weather.

The route was one of our standards, head north along the Duke’s Cut into the heart of Manchester.

20170213_102008I couldn’t resist this one, moored in Timperley


L>R: Andy, Ursula (it was her fault), Rob, Pam, Martin, and Long Suffering Rick

Martin had a prior engagement but he was able to stay with us up until Stretford before returning to Timperley. We’ll arrange another walk soon so that he (and Sue) can once again endure enjoy the full thing.




A swan. I know these things.


At Waters Meeting canal junction, Trafford Park.

This junction affords connection to the Rochdale, Trent & Mersey, Leeds & Liverpool, and Manchester Ship canals.


 Looking towards Manchester from Waters Meeting


Manchester from Throstles Nest Bridge




Redeveloping Manchester



Manchester YHA


Lockkeepers Cottage


Old & new, the Beetham Tower in the background


Home for someone


Manchester has more than it’s fair share of homeless, this was just one of the shelters we spotted on today’s walk.


We walked a shade under 9 flat and easy miles. Lunch was taken in Katsouris on Deansgate – they don’t serve curry but the food is very good and is good value.

I hope Ursula enjoyed it, everyone else certainly did. Smile

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Friday 2nd October 2015, Another Curry Walk

Manchester to Bury, and no curry

The Plan was hatched a couple of weeks ago: Rick and I fancied trying out Bury’s Katsouris eatery and it seemed a good idea to incorporate a little walk into the visit.

Considering that this was early October, the weather was just glorious. Although it was slightly chilly and a little murky first thing it soon warmed up. Walking in shorts proved to have been a good choice.

The Gang of Six convened at Manchester’s Castlefield Tram stop and wandered off through the back streets of Manchester and Salford in search of the River Irwell.



We left the tarmac of Salford’s Crescent to descent to the bank of the River Irwell:





P1050610Carrying Manchester’s drinking water all the way from Thirlmere without the aid of any pumping stations, gravity does all the work.

P1050613 P1050616L > R: Sue, Martin, me, John, Rick, Rob 

A compulsory brief sit down was called for coffee and a piece (each!) of Martin’s (equally compulsory) rather wonderful chocolate fudge :-)

Then we carried on walking:

P1050617 Dismantled railway line that once ran from Clifton Junction to Bury


One of the Irwell Sculpture Trail’s sculptures. Actually the ONLY sculpture we saw.


Onto the towpath of the disused Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal




A couple or three miles before Bury I spotted a fast walker coming up behind, it was Phil who Rick & I know from Lymm Folk Club. Phil had intended to meet us at the start of the walk but missed us by minutes. He set off, without a map and with only a vague idea of our route – and he caught us up.

What was even more surprising was that he knew t’other John. They used to run together – which is how I first met John. A small world!


P1050639Leaving the canal, we then once again followed the River Irwell – although only for a short distance. Half a mile later we arrived at our destination, Katsouris….and lunch. Most of the meals were good, Rick and I got the short straw: a tiny meal that took ages to prepare. Having checked out Trip Advisor it seems our experience was very common. That’s such a shame, the Katsouris in Manchester is really excellent.

P1050642 (Late) Lunch at Katsouris, Bury

Martin, Sue and John went off home after eating. Rick, Rob, Phil and I wandered the back streets of Bury, guided by Phil, to the Trackside Bar at the Bury station of the East Lancashire Railway. It’s essential that walkers maintain a good level of hydration, so we rehydrated enthusiastically. It was good.


The Beer Menu of The Trackside Bar

P1050643P1050645Phil and Rob showing off their Tinner’s Rabbits

After a couple of beers each it was time to go home – although not for Phil, he was staying in Bury for a concert. And more beer.

We had a brilliant day out, the route was so much better than I had expected. Although the weather helped enormously, the good company was the icing on the cake. Thanks folks, we’ll plot another Curry Walk soon.

Where we went:

Manchester to Bury Curry Walk 

Around 12.8 miles with norralot of ascent.

More photographs here.

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Friday 27th February, In search of curry

The challenge continues…

The challenge wasn’t to find a decent curry – we know very well how to do that, but to find another green route into Manchester City centre, or in particular This and That.

This was a short-notice walk. I’d just returned from two weeks in USA and really needed to get out.

As well as notifying the usual Curry Crew I popped the plan onto the Meetup website and also mentioned it to Judith – who blagged a day off work to join us. This was A Good Thing. In addition to Judith, another newly inducted member of the Curry Crew, Lynn, was able to join us. This was another Good Thing.

Cathy was hoping to join us but at the last moment had been called into work. Hopefully she’ll be able to join us on a future walk.


Lynn and Judith leading, Rick and Martin trying to keep up

The first couple of miles was on the well-trodden and recently re-surfaced Bridgewater Canal towpath. The new surface has made a terrific difference, it used to be just so muddy in many places.


The Watch House (JW Lees fizzy-pop), the oldest building in Stretford


Judith in the dead centre of Chorlton. Sorry…..


Hough End Hall, yours for a lot of money


On the Fallowfield Loop (FLOOP), on the course of an old railway.

Wiki has quite a bit of information on the FLOOP, it’s well worth a quick read.


P1030808 Entering Platt Fields Park

P1030810 Platt Fields Park Boating Lake


P1030813Lynn and Martin 



A once very grand house in Rusholme 


The Anchor, the former very excellent (Marston’s) Whitworth pub 


Through Manchester University….

P1030819…where Alan Turing did much work 

P1030822 It might have won an award in 1968, but not in 2015

P1030824More Manchester University 


P1030826Rick, Martin & Judith…..and curry 

P1030828Followed by a beer or two in the Abel Heywood


Where we went:

Curry walk 27th Feb 2015

Around 12 miles of flatness

As ever, another interesting route into Manchester in good company. The curry was as excellent (and cheap!) as ever, and we have two new Curry Crew members, Lynn and Judith.

Unfortunately Lynn had an unavoidable appointment and had to get back to Altrincham as soon as we arrived in Shude Hill. Consequently she wasn’t able to join us for the curry or the beer. this means she’s not been FULLY inducted. Yet.

It was good to meet you Lynn, we all look forward to you being able to join us again before long.


There’s going to be another Curry Walk on Thursday 12th March:


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