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View from Oban Bothy
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Monday, 23 January 2017

30th July 2016, A Bikepack to Anglesey

My mate John has been mithering me for years to join him for a few days on his annual sojourn to Rhoscolyn on Anglesey. I’d successfully resisted for years but I eventually gave way and agreed to join him for a few days – the weather was nice, so why not?

I didn’t fancy the idea of driving so I loaded up Ronny the Ridgeback and pedalled the 120 or so miles to Ynys Môn.

Not many photos I’m afraid, a majority were taken on my iPhone which were lost whilst trying to fettle the damned thing. Only a few were taken on my Lumix compact.

The journey took two days, I stealth camped overnight somewhere west of Llanfairfechan. It was a decent ride into a steady breeze, my little legs knew about it. Ronny the Ridgeback just took the ride in his stride. My backside survived the ride well, thanks to the very excellent Brooks sprung saddle – bought earlier in the year for my LETimp ride.

I arrived at Rhoscolyn’s Outdoor Alternative at around 7.30pm. It’s a nice campsite but it was dangerously oversubscribed – so much so that I struggled to find a space for my Akto.


The view from Four Mile Bridge…..which is nowhere near 4 miles long


On the footpath from the campsite to the seashore





The wind had completely changed direction by the time I was ready to go home so I wimped out: I cycled to Holyhead and chucked myself and the bike on the train. I’m not TOTALLY stupid!

It was a nice break that was all the more enjoyable by being in good company. Anglesey is quite a pleasant backwater. Rhoscolyn in particular is nicely off the beaten track. I think my next camping trip to Anglesey will either be a round-the-island bikepack or backpack, maybe in the summer of 2017.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Tuesday 15th March, Ironbridge to High Offley

….but not one Wetherspoons

A tough previous day called for a relatively short and easy day, giving my little legs a chance to recover. The ride from Tewkesbury to Ironbridge had been quite lovely – Kidderminster, Worcester, the Severn Valley and Bridgnorth all deserved far more time than I afforded them. The next time I take that route it will be in reverse, ie heading north to south, and at a much more leisurely pace.

My planned destination for tonight was to be High Offley, near Woodseaves – which is close to Eccleshall in Staffordshire. It’s main claim to fame is The Anchor Inn, a wonderful gem of a pub on the Shropshire Union Canal. I’ve been visiting this pub and camping behind it since 1975. I was looking forward to another overnight stop there.

Back to Ironbridge. I’d had a small dorm to myself in the YHA so I had a quiet and restful night, no snorers…..apart from me maybe.

P1060299 - Copy

The view from my hostel dorm window

P1060301 - Copy

Ironbridge YHA

After an enormous YHA breakfast I spent a bit of time wandering up Ironbridge Gorge, it had been nearly 30 years since the last time I’d visited the area.

P1060302 - Copy

P1060303 - Copy

On the Iron Bridge

P1060304 - Copy

Up the Severn Valley

P1060305 - Copy

The Iron Bridge

Leaving Ironbridge was going to be hard, not just because it’s a lovely place, but because of Blists Hill, probably the steepest hill I’ve ever tried to cycle up. It ended up being yet another hill the was too steep for me to pedal up so another push was called for. The sun was shining and there was no breeze, I was soon wet through with sweat.

The plan was to cycle through Telford and then enjoy a gentle trundle up the quite lanes of Shropshire and Staffordshire in good time to enjoy a lunchtime beer or two at the Anchor. But I’d underestimated Telford. It was quite the most difficult place to cycle through: poor road surfaces and few roadsigns – hardly any aimed at cyclists. In fact the roadsigns that I came across just wanted to funnel me on to major dual carriageways.

Eventually I made it through Telford and out of the other side – back on country lanes. Next destination of the day was to be Newport in Shropshire, a fine little market town. The sun disappeared behind cloud and the temperature dropped considerably, another layer was needed – as were warm gloves.What a change in just a short time.

P1060306 - Copy

Newport’s Ballroom

P1060307 - Copy

St Nicholas Church on Newport High Street

P1060308 - Copy

P1060309 - Copy

In no time at all I arrived at High Offley but it just seemed far too early to end the day there, it was too cold to enjoy a beer anyway.

So I carried on to Stoke-on-Trent, like you do….

Friday 25th March, Mobberley again

Just some photographs from this year’s Tour de Mobberley, aka The Mobberley 8.

Many of the photographs are mine, others (all the decent ones) were taken by Amy, Jenn Stanley, Susie Stockton-Link, John Condy….and probably others too.

A very splendid outing in good company and fine weather. Excellent beers may have been enjoyed in all of the pubs. Singing & playing at the Railway, Mobberley.

The day was spoiled somewhat, my mate Jenn had her bike stolen from outside the Railway. As far as I’m aware this is the first time this sort of thing has happened on the Mobberley 8. Not good. too many ‘strangers’ taking part these days? Who knows.

One good thing: I’ve proved to myself that I CAN cycle in a kilt.




Amy’s photo of Ralph & Co


John Hastie & Nessie


John Condy’s excellent pic at the Plough & Flail


Jerry and Susie

Gerry & Susie Smile



Sad sight – the closed Stag @ Warford.


Nessie playing beautifully





John McN


Linda making ‘em have it


Lord Peter Whimsey


Susie in fine and full voice

The day’s route….remarkably similar to last years!


Around 25 miles….and almost flat. Apart from the hilly bits.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

LETIMP: more photos

…and a bit out of order: Penzance to Bridgewater

P1060224 - Copy

Mount’s Bay & Penzance

P1060229 - Copy

St Michael’s Mount

P1060233 - Copy


P1060235 - Copy

P1060236 - Copy

Dozmary Pool sunset

P1060241 - Copy

Dozmary Pool sunrise

Dozmary Pool

P1060243 - Copy

Plunger A10 outfit

P1060244 - Copy

Welcome to Devon


River Tamar



Cadbury Cross




Brent Knoll, Bridgewater

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