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View from Oban Bothy
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Saturday, 3 January 2015

31st December 2014, New Year’s Eve in Mobberley

Edited: New photographs added*

The Plan was to put a New Year’s Eve Ceilidh together for 2013 but it was left far too late for A Plan to be formulated and implemented. The organising of an event like this doesn’t happen overnight, but in 2014 it DID happen:

Web Poster A lot of work went into making this happen. It took me a couple of days to recover from playing all evening, but it was a huge success. There’ll be one in 2015 – the hall has already been hired.

NYE ceilidh Just part of the band: L>R:  Marian, The Snowman, John McN, me

NYE2014 6 Karen, one of our drummers

NYE2014 8

Rob – a very fine caller

A very enthusiastic audience danced the night away until midnight when proceeding were halted for The Big Ben Bongs…..then the dancing started all over again.

NYE2014 2

NYE2014 3 

NYE2014 7

NYE2014 4 Gill, busy calling the dances in fine style



And being as wot it was a Bollin Morris event it would be rude not to include a photograph or two of the side in action at stupid o’clock that evening….or was it the morning?


All the photographs were taken by Rob or his very tolerant wife, Mrs Rob. Rob was a busy lad that night. When he wasn’t calling dances he was either playing his box in the band, taking photographs, or somehow managing to spend some fleeting moments with Mrs Rob. We apologise loads to Mrs Rob for keeping her husband from her for most of the evening – but he did a splendid job!

We had a brill evening - Joules made it happen by badgering, mithering, blackmailing members of Bollin Morris. I’m glad she did, it was hugely successful. She’s now busy organising the 2015 New Year’s Eve Ceilidh!

*the added photographs were taken by Paul Middlehurst

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