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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Test post using ScribeFire

This is a test post using ScribeFire that runs in Linux Ubuntu.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


This is a test posting using my laptop that runs Linux (Ubuntu) and windoze xp - one at a time. It's wearing it's Linux hat this evening.

I can't find anything like M$ Live Writer that runs under Linux - there's probably something out there, I've just not discovered it yet. I'm typing and posting this directly into Blogger. So it might not work too well.

My OS system of choice is Linux, it's quick to load and run.

It does have disadvantages though. Whilst there is lots of software out there that runs happily under Linux and is broadly comparable and compatible with M$ stuff, specialist programmes like Memory Map for example is written for windoze only. It is possible to run windoze within Linux, but it's a faff I can well do without. And it's beyond the level of my expertise - by a long way 

The main reason for exploring Blogging using Linux is because for some (probably very simple) reason, Firefox (under XP) has just started to cause me a few problems:

1) I can't open my webmail emails (Hotmail) although I can see the inbox contents. I can't access Hotmail folders either (Sent box etc)
2) I can't view the photos on my blog - although I can view photos in other blogs
3) It's most unhappy looking at my Picasa site
4) There are some webpages that 'cannot be found'

I don't have these problems when I used Explorer in the same session. Or using the family PC - also running Firefox under xp.

I wanted to reduce the image to 800 x 600 but my first attempt wasn't too successful although it's certainly smaller than the original 4mb.

Milly on the Limestone Way in 2010

It looks like this is going to be a steep learning curve, but I've started so I'll finish.

If there are any Linux geeks experts out there who may be able to help, I'm a willing listener....but a slow learner. A bear with little brain in fact.

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